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4 Ways a Natural Gas Generator Can Protect Your Home

September 27th, 2023

Blackouts and power outages are common occurrences, but they can take a hefty toll on your home if you’re not prepared for them. Having a natural gas generator on the premises gives you a source of backup power that you can use to mitigate some of the outage’s negative effects. Here are just a few of the many ways this vital tool can help you protect your home.

1. Keeps Your Sump Pump Running

Your home’s sump pump keeps excess water from accumulating around your foundation and damaging it. Most sump pumps are powered by electricity, so they stop working if the power goes out. Your natural gas generator will keep your pump ready for action through any crisis. If the storm that knocked your power out also causes heavy flooding, you’ll have the equipment you need to protect it.

2. Keeps Your Security Systems Online

Power outages don’t discourage burglars, vandals, and other criminals from carrying out their activities. In fact, many view these events as opportunities they can capitalize on. With a gas generator providing backup power for your home, your security system won’t go down during this vulnerable period. Instead, you can rest easy knowing that it will protect you when you need it most.

3. Helps Insulate You From Extreme Temperatures

A power outage that occurs during very hot or cold weather exposes your home to extreme temperatures that it may not be designed to handle. Your pipes could freeze and burst, built-up snow and ice could harm your roof, high heat and humidity could damage your wood fixtures – the list goes on. Having a natural gas generator on hand gives you a way to fight back against heat and cold, keeping temperatures more consistent and avoiding these damages.

4. Keeps You Connected

Power outages often happen alongside severe storms, earthquakes, and other disasters. In these situations, keeping up with the latest news is essential. A gas generator can keep your devices charged so you can get the latest updates, contact friends and family members, and access emergency services and other resources. This not only keeps your family safe but also minimizes the amount of time your home spends exposed to hazardous conditions.

Keep Your Home Safe with Help from Syles Mechanical

Most importantly of all, having a natural gas generator installed in your home will give you peace of mind. Syles Mechanical has been installing natural gas generators in Canadian homes for more than two decades. You can count on our work to get you and your family through any blackout safely and comfortably. Contact us today to book your in-home appointment and get started!

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