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6 Ways to Protect Your House from Flooding

May 16th, 2019
Flood Water Windsor

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Protecting your home from flooding is an important way to safeguard its value. Homeowners all throughout Windsor, Ontario have faced flooding in recent months. Several other parts of Canada have also fallen prey. It’s crucial to begin preparation long before the rough weather rolls in.

Once your home has been infiltrated by water, it could mean thousands of dollars in expenses for you. Dealing with the initial water damage is only the beginning. You could find yourself having to replace pricey household items or get special cleaning done to stop mold and mildew.

Instead, homeowners are advised to take action now to prevent flooding from happening.

Let’s look at the best ways to do it:

  1. Install a Sump Pump
    A sump pump can be installed in low-lying areas of the home to pump water to the outside. The best sump pumps have optional battery power so they can be used even if electricity is unavailable.
  2. Apply Flood-Proofing
    Flood-proofing sealants are chemicals applied around walls, windows, doorways, and the home’s foundation. Available at most hardware stores, they help prevent water infiltration into the home.
  3. Modify Water Valves
    A backflow valve can be located in the exterior or interior of the home and provides an extra layer of protection. Gate valves, operated by hand, are superior to valves that open automatically.
  4. Maintain Your Foundation
    Mortar or masonry caulk can be used to seal up cracks in a home’s foundation. You should take time to inspect the foundation twice a year to check for any sign of new or worsening cracks.
  5. Install a Flood Sensor
    A flood sensor is a special alarm system that will alert you to smaller leaks before they become big ones. By managing these leaks throughout the year, you weather storm season more easily.
  6. Elevate Sensitive Equipment
    In intense flood situations, some water infiltration is bound to occur. Reduce the damage these situations can cause by keeping light switches, sockets, and electrical equipment elevated.

Flood risk can be increased by factors homeowners may be unaware of. Certain landscaping and grading practices can play a role, for example. The best way to ensure your home is truly protected is to get advice from an expert for your specific situation.

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