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Are You Benefiting From a Furnace Maintenance Plan?

December 10th, 2015

Keeping your furnace in good shape is vital to keeping you and your household in good health in colder weather. A poorly maintained furnace can break down suddenly, leaving you shivering when you need the heat the most. But you can make maintaining your furnace simple if you have a maintenance plan set up with Syles.

At their most basic, these plans have a tech from Syles visiting your home on a regular schedule — for example, every six months — to inspect your home’s furnace and make any necessary repairs. You can adjust the plan as you see fit; for example, if you have health issues and can’t make it outside to ensure all the vents are unclogged, you can work out a furnace maintenance plan that calls for someone to come by more frequently to check the exterior of the house.

A common misconception is that these plans aren’t necessary and that the money spent on them would be better saved. This really isn’t the case. Having the furnace inspected each spring and fall, at the end and beginning of the cold season, is necessary to ensure the furnace is working properly and that nothing is about to break and cause a major headache. If you keep using the furnace for a long time without an inspection, you could end up having to pay for major repairs. Better to spend the initial money, have a plan in place, and have the inspections done than to avoid the inspections, save money initially, and then end up with a larger repair bill.

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