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Can My Gas Fireplace Be Repaired or Do I Need to Replace It?

January 2nd, 2024

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If you’ve been having problems with your gas fireplace, you’ve got two options to address them: repair the unit or replace it. While most issues with gas fireplaces can be fixed, sometimes it’s best to cut your losses and get a whole new fireplace instead of investing in a repair job. Here are the three most important things to think about when making this decision.

1. How Old Is It?

Gas fireplaces don’t last forever. Most have a lifespan of around 10 to 15 years – less without regular fireplace maintenance.

If your fireplace has been around for a while, repairing it may only be delaying the inevitable. You might get a few more years out of it, but it’s a gamble that might not pay off. Consider getting it replaced instead so you can start fresh.

2. How Much Will Repairs Cost?

Gas fireplace repairs can easily cost hundreds of dollars. In some cases, that’s just a fraction of what it would cost to get a new fireplace installed. In others, it’s too much to justify the expense. Most homeowners draw the line at around 50% of the cost of replacement.

If you’re going to use this metric to guide your decision, get a quote from a professional repair company first. Some repairs cost a lot more than homeowners expect them to while others cost much less. The only way to know for sure is to ask!

3. Does It Still Look Good?

Even fireplaces can start to look dated when interior design trends change. You can update their look with new doors, cabinets, mantles, and other finishings, but the cost of doing this adds up fast – especially if the system also needs repairs.

If your faulty gas fireplace just doesn’t go with your current style, there’s no point in trying to keep it around any longer. Switch it out for a new one that will function properly and fit in better with your current decor.

Get Your Gas Fireplace Up and Running with Syles Mechanical

Whether you plan to repair or replace your gas fireplace, you’ll need help from trusted professionals to get the job done safely. The crew at Syles Mechanical is here to help with that. Contact us today to book a home visit with one of our technicians and get their expert advice on how to proceed.

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