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Commercial HVAC System Solutions for Your Property

December 30th, 2015

Ensuring proper ventilation, heating, and cooling of your office, store, or factory is essential for keeping your employees and customers healthy. A heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system provides these, but you must be sure the system is one meant specifically for commercial properties. The systems that you see in residential homes are inadequate for this type of job because of clear-cut differences between commercial and residential needs.

What Commercial HVAC Systems Have

Commercial HVAC systems can be modified more easily if you remodel your office or add more space. If you remodel your office so that the individual office layouts are different, you need to redo the vents and ducts, for example, to ensure each office is adequately served by the system. Or, if you convert part of your warehouse to administrative space, you can modify the HVAC system to better serve the new workers and activities there.

Systems meant for commercial properties are also more compact. Compressors and other exterior machinery are kept together, making maintenance a lot easier. The pieces are also usually located on a roof, out of the way of workers.

Why You Can’t Just Open the Windows

An added ventilation system makes sense for a building where the windows don’t open, but if you’re in a store where the front door is usually open, or you’re in a building with lots of windows that open, it’s tempting to opt out of getting any sort of system installed. But even with the best natural ventilation, you do need an HVAC system.

A well-planned HVAC duct system ensures fresh air gets to all parts of the building. You have fewer “dead” spots of stagnant air due to shelving or cubicle walls blocking air flow from windows. The heating and air conditioning aspects keep the workplace very comfortable even on days of extreme heat or cold.

Let Syles Help You Out

If you want your current HVAC system evaluated or need to get a new one installed, contact Syles Mechanical Services Ltd. We’re a local business and have been helping businesses in the Windsor-Essex region since 1967. Our techs are experienced and our work affordable. Let Syles help you keep your workspace comfortable.

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