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How Do Water Leak Detection Systems Work?

March 12th, 2024

NOWA water leak detection

Leaky plumbing is a problem that almost every homeowner will deal with at some point. The resulting water damage can ruin nearby furniture, fixtures, and flooring – especially if the leak isn’t caught right away.

Water leak detection systems help you spot and stop leaks almost immediately, even if you’re not around when they happen. Keep reading to learn how this technology works and why you might consider installing a system like this in your home.

How Water Leak Protection Systems Work

Water leak protection systems are networks of smart devices that coordinate to protect your home from water damage caused by leaks. To set one up, you’ll need an electric water shutoff valve, at least one leak detector, and a control panel to connect them together.

It all starts with your leak detectors. These small devices can detect changes in temperature and humidity in their immediate area. In other words, they can tell when they’re getting wet.

When this happens, they send a signal to the control panel. The panel relays that signal to the electric valve, telling it to shut off the water. This stops the leak from getting worse and damaging your home and belongings.

Once the leak has been stopped, you can have a plumber come and repair the damaged pipe or fixture before you turn the water back on. The system’s internal records will let them know exactly where and when the leak occurred, helping them to identify and correct the problem and advise you on how to avoid that issue in the future.

Most modern leak detection systems can be controlled via a smartphone app, allowing you to monitor your alerts and manage your home’s water supply even when you’re away. Some also connect to larger networks of smart devices in your home.

Why You Need One

Investing in a leak detection system:

  1. Reduces water bills
  2. Minimizes repair costs due to water damage
  3. Allows you to control your water shutoff valve from anywhere at any time
  4. Gives you peace of mind

These systems are easy to retrofit onto your existing plumbing and can be installed in both commercial and residential properties. Many landlords use these systems to help them protect their property before plumbing issues get out of hand.

You may even be eligible for a discounted rate on your home or commercial property insurance just for getting your system installed. Call up your provider and ask them about any incentives they offer.

Protect Your Home from Plumbing Problems Today

If you’re ready to put leaky pipes behind you, contact Syles Mechanical today. We’ll install a leak detection system that you can count on to keep your home and finances safe. We’ll also teach you how to operate the control panel and app so you can manage your system and other smart home devices with ease.

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