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How to Choose the Right Water Heater for Your Home

November 5th, 2015

Have you ever taken a shower in the morning but could only get cold water? Having hot water is considered a necessity for residential homes. However, heating your water uses between 15% and 25% of your home’s energy consumption. Therefore, finding the most efficient yet affordable hot water heater is paramount. Below are three types of water heater you may consider.

Natural Gas

In many cases, the monthly cost of a natural gas heater is markedly lower due to the current price of natural gas. Because their pipelines are buried underground heaters are not affected by wind or storms, natural gas tends to be more reliable. You can have hot water even if the power goes out.

However, natural gas heaters require a vent through the middle of the storage tank to vent combustion gases, meaning they need more room in your home. This vent that removes combustion gasses also lets some heat escape, reducing its efficiency.


Electric water heaters tend to be more efficient than natural gas because electric ones do not need a pilot light that wastes both gas and energy. However, electric heaters may have a slower flow rate than gas water heaters, meaning you have to wait longer to heat your water. This can negatively impact households with a larger number of members.


Because tankless heaters allow you to run multiple appliances at one time, you can have a shower, run your dish washer, and do a load of laundry all at the same time. Also, tankless heaters heat water only when you need it, resulting in lower monthly bills. As the name suggests, tankless heaters do not use a tank, meaning that they can be installed easily in smaller homes.

However, tankless water heaters have a high installation cost, and in fact, can cost up to three times as much as storage heaters. Keep in mind that not all homes can support tankless heaters, which could translate into upgrading your home for the installation.

It’s Your Call

There are pros and cons for every type of water heater. Carefully consider the aspects for each type and find the one that is right for you.

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