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How to Keep Outdoor Patio Season Going Into the Fall

August 30th, 2022

outdoor patio heater

If you love spending time on your patio, you probably don’t want to think about how close patio season is to ending. But what if you could keep enjoying your patio for a few more weeks?

You might not be able to stop the seasons from changing, but you can adapt to them and keep them from ruining your fun. You’ll need two things to keep your patio open a little longer in the fall: heat and light. Let’s look at how you can install some simple backyard fixtures to get both.

Warm Things Up with a Patio Heater

A patio heater is the best thing you can add to your patio if you want to keep using it comfortably during the off season. While having a little less light available is not the end of the world, having no way to cut the chill of the cooler air will make it difficult to tolerate spending much time outdoors.

A professionally installed gas heater is the safest, most consistent, and most efficient way to fix this problem. These heaters provide the same amount of heat every time and don’t require you to kindle any open flames. They’re energy-efficient, too – operating a gas heater for a few hours a day costs just a couple of dollars month, even if you run the heater every day.

If you shelter your heated patio with a sturdy cover when temperatures really get low, you may even be able to use the space during the winter. A cover will insulate the area and trap the warmth from the heater. Ever wanted to host an outdoor party in the wintertime? With a heater, you could! The flexibility it gives you makes it well worth the investment.

Add Some Extra Outdoor Lighting

If you have a little cash left in your budget after getting your heater installed, you might want to use it to get some new outdoor electrical wiring put in. The extra wires will allow you to place strong, reliable electric lights around your patio and yard. You’ll get more visibility and an even cozier ambience without having to worry about moving battery-powered lights around or adding more batteries to them.

You’ll also be able use these lights all year long, even when the winter snows start falling. This is great for people with kids who like to play in the yard or older folks who need to watch their step in icy conditions. You can even add motion controls to the lights to make turning them on effortless.

Get Everything You Need to Spend Time Outdoors This Fall

Saying goodbye to summer doesn’t mean you have to say goodbye to your patio too. Syles Mechanical can help you keep the fun going all year long. Contact us today at 519-979-2090 to talk about installing an outdoor gas heater or some outdoor lights today and get your patio ready for the cooler, darker months ahead.

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