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My House is Really Dusty, Do I Need a New Furnace?

September 23rd, 2022

dust near furnace vent

Does your home seem dustier than usual? Although it’s impossible to eliminate all dust from an indoor space, it can be frustrating to see a visible layer of dust on your surfaces just a few days after you last cleaned them. Here are a few reasons why this might be happening and some things you can do to prevent it.

1. You Have Pets

Having pets may be an invaluable source of joy and companionship, but it also brings a lot of stray fur and skin flakes into your home. Although this problem usually isn’t too bad with just one pet, it can quickly get a lot worse the more furry friends you add to the mix.

To minimize this problem, brush and groom your pets regularly to keep them from shedding much in the house. If you trim or shave their fur, do it outdoors to avoid spreading dander around your home.

2. You Have a Lot of Carpets or Rugs

Are large parts of your home still covered in carpet or rugs? You probably have a lot more dust hiding in these floor coverings than you realize. Their thick surface pile traps any dust that falls on it, making it easy to miss during routine cleanings. When you step on the affected areas, all that dust goes flying up again.

This problem is best solved by removing the rugs and carpets from your home, but that might be too difficult or expensive for some homeowners to manage. For these folks, following a strict and frequent vacuuming schedule will keep trapped dust to a minimum.

3. You Wear Shoes Indoors

Every time you go outside, your shoes pick up dust and dirt from the ground. This isn’t a problem is you leave your shoes at the door, but if you wear them indoors even occasionally, you’re contributing to your dust problems.

This problem is easy to fix: make your home a shoe-free zone! You can even place a doormat with a reminder message in front of the door to help you and your guests remember to take your shoes off.

4. You Keep Your Windows Open Often

An open window is great for letting in a gentle breeze, but it also gives things like dirt and pollen particles an easy entrance into your home. If you live near any construction, industrial plants, or heavy traffic, the pollutants those activities generate will also contribute to dust levels.

If you love having your windows open during nice weather, be sure to do a deep clean afterwards, especially in the areas around the windows. Otherwise, minimize the amount of time you leave your windows open. Enjoy them for an hour or two, then shut them to keep the dust out.

5. Your Furnace Is Too Old

Older, low-efficiency furnaces generate more dust than newer ones and can’t filter it as well either. This means that all that dust ends up getting blown up into your ducts and circulated all over your home.

This kind of dust is a sign that the furnace is on its last legs. You’ll need to replace it soon to avoid it breaking down on you altogether. The good news is that newer furnaces are not only less dusty but much more efficient than old models. You’ll be able to run it for a fraction of the cost, actually saving you money in the long run.

Get Your New High-Efficiency Furnace Today

If you think your furnace might be the source of your dust dilemma, our staff at Syles Mechanical are happy to help you replace it. We stock a range of brand new high-efficiency furnaces that are sure to solve the problem. Contact us at 519-979-2090 to learn more about the models we stock or to book an appointment for your free in-home estimate today.

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