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How to Save on Your Energy Bills During the Cold Winter Months

December 10th, 2018

Energy Bill

Most people look high and low for ways to save on electric in the hot summer months, but you can also cut your winter heating bill with the right techniques.

A few small tweaks can save you hundreds of dollars throughout the cold season. Plus, you don’t even have to sacrifice comfort while you save money.

Let’s review four fast, effective ways to save on energy bills in winter:

1. Use the Sun for Free Heat
The sun is the greatest free source of heat there is. Luckily, making use of it is simple. During the day, make sure the curtains are open on your south-facing windows. As soon as the sun starts to go down, close those window coverings tight.

2. Layer Up to Beat the Cold
Turning the heat up overnight can help you sleep, but the furnace doesn’t have to be high all day. Layer up with your favorite winter clothes and warm socks to preserve body heat. Use decorative blankets on couches and warm up cool floors, like hardwood, using plush area rugs.

3. Keep Your Bedroom Toasty
If you can leave the heat on low settings overnight, it’ll give you big savings over time. Flannel sheets and a heavy wool comforter can protect you from the overnight chill. It’s also a good idea to keep socks on: Lots of body heat is lost through the feet, which can lower sleep quality.

4. Regular Maintenance
Be sure to change your furnace filter on a regular basis and contact Syles to schedule an annual maintenance appointment.

Remember, you never have to go without heating just to save a few dollars – and letting the temperature dip too cool can be hazardous.

If you can lower your average thermostat setting even a degree or two, you’ll still see savings.

With these four tips, you can reduce the work your heating system has to do while still enjoying a warm, cozy home.

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