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Should I Cover My Outdoor A/C Fan in the Winter?

October 30th, 2023

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Do you cover your outdoor A/C fan in the winter? Many people do, especially here in Canada. That doesn’t mean it’s the best course of action, though. There are drawbacks to using a cover, some of which may outweigh the benefits. Let’s talk about why people cover their outdoor A/C units, why it’s a bad idea, and what you should do instead.

Why Some People Use a Cover

Outdoor A/C units get exposed to tons of environmental hazards over the course of a Canadian winter. Snow, ice, and even falling leaves and pine needles can all potentially cause damage to your system. Placing a cover over the unit protects it from these conditions. However, this is far from the only consideration at play.

Why You Shouldn’t

Covering your A/C unit in winter can actually do more harm than good. Today’s outdoor units are made to withstand extreme temperatures as well as some exposure to snow and ice. They don’t need the extra protection a cover provides.

In fact, many covers restrict the air flow within your unit and leave it vulnerable to developing mold and rust. They’re just not designed to spend months sitting under plastic or fabric. It’s best to leave your unit exposed over the winter, just as its designers intended.

Protecting Your Outdoor Unit

So what can you do to keep your outdoor A/C safe from the elements? Check and clean it often. Inspect your unit every few weeks and brush away any snow, leaves, animal nests, or other debris you find there. Keep an eye on any spots that might be rusting and mention them to your HVAC technician when you get your yearly tune-up in the spring. That’s all it takes to keep most units running smoothly.

Secure Your A/C for Winter with a Professional Inspection

If you want to make sure your outdoor A/C unit is ready for winter, it never hurts to get a professional to look at it. Our team of HVAC experts will be happy to give your unit a thorough inspection before the snow falls. Contact us today to book your visit and give yourself peace of mind during these next few months.

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