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The Leviton Smart Load Centre Vs. Other Smart Panels

March 13th, 2023

Looking for a way to monitor your home’s power consumption? The Leviton Smart Load Centre might be just the product for you. This smart breaker box not only helps you manage the flow of electricity through your home, but also adds a plethora of extra features to help you keep your power bills low and your family safe. Today’s post will discuss the Leviton in greater detail and let you know how it stacks up compared to similar solutions on the market.

What the Leviton Offers

The Leviton Smart Load Centre is a smart breaker box that homeowners can use to improve safety in their homes and monitor power consumption at the same time. The box connects wirelessly to the MyLeviton app using long-range Bluetooth connections. Here, you can view your power consumption per appliance, turn off your circuit breakers remotely, and even view alerts letting you know a breaker was tripped and why it happened – all from a simple user-friendly dashboard.

What Sets It Apart

The Leviton isn’t just a good breaker box: it’s a market leader. Here are a few of the things that make it one of the top smart load centre solutions available.

  • Full smart technology integration. Most smart load centre are created by retro-fitting an existing breaker box with after-market smart add-on tools. The Leviton Smart Load Centre incorporates smart technology into the breaker box itself, creating a more robust and reliable power monitoring solution than anything competitors have to offer.
  • Improved safety. While all breaker boxes are designed according to rigorous safety standards, the Leviton is equipped with ground fault circuit interrupters that exceed UL requirements. This extra level of precaution ensures that your family stays safe even if your ground fault protection fails.
  • Easy installation. Many circuit breaker boxes take several hours of professional labour to install safely. Thanks to its simple plug-in design, the Leviton can be installed in a fraction of that time, getting the job done faster and reducing your installation bill.
  • Stylish exterior design. Circuit breakers may be necessary, but it’s tough to integrate their typical cold grey exteriors into your interior design. The Leviton’s sleek white housing makes it much more inconspicuous, allowing it to blend seamlessly into any room it’s placed in.

Upgrade Your Home’s Electrical System with a Leviton Today

The Leviton Smart Load Centre is one of the best breaker boxes on the market today. Countless Canadians love it for its simplicity, the granularity of the data it provides, and the extra level of safety it brings to their homes. Want one for yourself? Contact Syles Mechanical today. Our expert team will install your new Leviton in just one day, giving you nearly instant access to all of the features that make this product so special.

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