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The Top 4 Causes of a Discoloured Ceiling

March 28th, 2023

Have you noticed some discoloured areas on your ceiling lately? The good news is that it’s probably not mold. The bad news is that it’s probably stains from ongoing water damage.

Unless you figure out the underlying problem that’s causing the water to get in, the staining will keep coming back even after remodelling. The following four problems are the top causes of ceiling discolouration and should be the first things you check during your search.

A Leaky Roof

Roof leaks are a major cause of ceiling discolouration. When water leaks in from the roof above, it can pool in the attic and lead to ceiling stains in the affected area.

How long has it been since your roof was installed? Have you noticed any loose or missing shingles up there? If your roof is relatively new and seems secure, it’s probably not the culprit here. If you know it has issues, however, you may need to get it fixed before you can get your stain problem under control.

Leaky Pipes

Similar to how it works with roofs, leaky pipes can expose the vulnerable inner area of your home to excessive moisture. When the area above your ceiling gets too wet, the water may seep into the material and stain it.

In our experience, this is the most common reason for ceiling stains. Even a very minor leak can be enough to cause significant staining if it goes unnoticed for long enough. Since many people go years without having their pipes inspected by a professional, they may not notice the problem until it’s too late.

A Poorly Installed HVAC System

HVAC systems with air leaks or poor insulation cause cold and warm air to collide, creating excess condensation to build up in your home. If enough of this condensation gathers in one place, it may seep into the ceiling just like water from a leak would.

If this is the problem, you might notice things like higher-than-normal heating or cooling bills. Sometimes, however, there will be no sign of trouble at all. Get your HVAC system checked out by a professional to be sure.

Rusted Pipes

If your pipes have accumulated some rest on them over the years, that rust may be mixing with the condensation in your home to create those brown ceiling stains. When that condensation pool and drips onto the inside face of your ceiling, it can leak through the material and cause that rusty brown colour to settle so deeply into it that you can see it from the other side.

You won’t be able to tell if you have rust in your pipes just from looking at them. If you think this might be the problem, you’ll need to have them professionally inspected to be sure.

Call in the Professionals

Want to get rid of your ceiling stains for good? Call Syles Mechanical for an in-home visit. We’ll inspect your plumbing and HVAC systems for any defects that might be causing the problem and make a plan to get them fixed. Contact us today to schedule your visit and get your home ready for remodelling now.

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