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“Topping Off” A/C Refrigerant Is Not the Fix You Need

June 13th, 2023

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If your air conditioning hasn’t been running as well as it used to, you might be wondering if it’s running low on refrigerant. While it’s possible this is true, it’s unlikely to be the cause of your problem. Topping up a unit’s supply of refrigerant is rarely necessary and may actually cause more issues than it solves. To understand why this is the case, let’s take a closer look at what refrigerant is and how it works.

Why We Can’t Just Add Refrigerant

Many people assume that A/C units produce their cooling effects using refrigerant. This is partly true, but it doesn’t work the way you might expect.

A/C units regulate temperature by evaporating the refrigerant in their systems on demand. This causes the air around the systems to cool rapidly, and the unit’s fan then blows that air out to cool the room it’s in.

The refrigerant doesn’t evaporate into the atmosphere, though. A/C systems are designed to keep the refrigerant contained and recycle it through the process of condensation. It’s a closed system that should be able to run effectively using the same refrigerant that was placed inside it during the manufacturing process, even after many years of use.

In other words, refrigerant is not a fuel source. It doesn’t get used up when your A/C unit is running, and you shouldn’t need to add more unless there’s a leak somewhere in your refrigerant lines. If you add more when no leak is present, you could damage your compressor.

What Really Causes Faulty A/C

If your A/C problem is due to a refrigerant leak, that leak should be pretty easy to spot. You may notice ice developing on your evaporator coil or other parts of your unit’s interior systems. You might also hear a hissing sound coming from the unit.

If it’s not a leak, though, what else could it be? There are a few potential culprits:

  • Issues with your thermostat
  • A broken fan
  • Bad capacitor
  • A clogged air filter

All of these problems can be fixed by a qualified HVAC technician.

Your A/C Solution is Just a Phone Call Away

Don’t wait until the heat becomes unbearable to get your A/C fixed. Our technicians at Syles Mechanical can diagnose and repair all of these issues and more. Contact us today to book your HVAC maintenance visit and get ready to enjoy a cooler, more comfortable summer.

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