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Which Armstrong Air Unit is Right for You – Two-Stage Performance or Single-Stage?

July 17th, 2018

Armstrong Air

Here at Syles Mechanical, we’re glad to stand by Armstrong Air as one of our preferred brands for air conditioning units. Any Armstrong product you can choose is sure to provide affordable and effective service, but there is one important consideration to bear in mind.

Do you need a two-stage performance or single-stage air performance AC?

There’s a crucial difference between the two, but it’s fairly easy to understand:

  • A single-stage AC works at just one level of operation, always cooling at full power.
  • A two-stage AC has two different levels, including a lower level for milder cooling.

That difference is caused by the operations of a key component, the compressor – which is responsible for compressing the refrigerant:

With a one-stage air conditioning, you get the same outcome every time you turn it on, no matter what the temperature may be.

With a two-stage unit, the air conditioner runs on the lower setting by default. Exterior sensors let it switch automatically to the higher level of cooling when the outside temperature is too hot.

Benefits of Two-Stage Air Conditioners – And One Drawback to Note

Although a two-stage air conditioner represents a bigger upfront investment, it’s often the best choice overall. This is because the two-stage models are far more efficient. Single-stage ACs turn on and off more frequently, and each cycle draws a significant amount of electricity.

On the other hand, a two-stage air conditioner meets the needs of an average household using its lower setting about 80% of the time. It turns off much less frequently and uses less electricity when it does run. Ultimately, you could save hundreds or even thousands of dollars annually.

Areas with higher humidity benefit especially from a two-stage unit. If you’ve noticed you’re often uncomfortable during a summer day or your air conditioner seems to run constantly when the weather is warm, odds are good you could truly benefit from a two-stage system.

On the other hand, a single-stage AC is more suitable for a wide range of budgets and might be a good choice if you need a solution right away. Although a single-stage air conditioner will never be the most efficient, Armstrong offers many models designed to be environmentally friendly.

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