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Why Do Heating & Cooling Companies Use the HVAC Acronym?

September 14th, 2015

People often ask me what the HVAC acronym stands for, so I will give you a brief description to help you remember.

  1. H stands for Heating
  2. V stands for Ventilation
  3. AC stands for Air Conditioning

By building the acronym HVAC, it is not as complicated to talk about the system since the three components are inter-related. It’s much easier to say, “I’m here to check your HVAC system” rather than spurting out a longer phrase such as, “I’m here to check your heating, ventilation and air conditioning system.”

HVAC systems are built to adjust your indoor environment so that it is as comfortable as possible. It does this by controlling the temperature, filtering the air, adjusting airflow, and decreasing humidity in your home. How does it do this?

H Stands for Heating

During the cooler winter months, it is important to have a heating system in your home. If your residence is located further north, the heat will be needed for much longer periods of time. How high the temperature should be set in the home is dependent several factors;

  • How cold it is outside
  • How high your metabolism rate is
  • What you are wearing

If you are very busy working around the house, or exercising, your metabolic rate will be higher than if you were just sitting on the couch watching TV. Likewise, the more clothes or blankets that you have on will affect the temperature that would be comfortable for you. Obviously, if you live in places that are really far north, such as in Canada, you will need more heat. This is especially true if the outside temperature drops to -40ยบ.

V Stands for Ventilation

The ventilation system is responsible for circulating air in the home or office environment. Through a series of ventilation ducts, stagnant air and odors are removed and replaced with fresh air. This will improve the quality of the air around you.

AC Stands for Air Conditioning

The purpose of air conditioning is to decrease the temperature in your surroundings and dehumidify the air as it utilizes the ventilation system to take out the hot air and replace it with cool air.

Please remember, HVAC systems are built to add to your personal comfort. You can rest assured that not only do we install and service HVAC systems for you; we strive to give you, our clientele the best customer service available.

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