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Why It’s Important to Have a TSSA Tech Inspect Your Home

January 11th, 2024

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Home inspections aren’t just for homeowners who are interested in selling their property. Getting your home inspected regularly can save you a ton of money and hassle by weeding out potential problems before they become dangerous or extremely expensive to fix.

Not just any inspection will do, though. To get the most value from your investment, you’ll want to schedule an inspection from a certified TSSA technician. Let’s dive deeper into what that means and how it benefits your home and family.

What Is a TSSA Inspection?

The TSSA (or the Technical Standards and Safety Authority) is a government agency that regulates the installation and maintenance of certain systems and devices. In the context of the typical residential home, this includes any fuel lines, gas-powered appliances, and boiler or pressure vessels on the premises.

If you have any of these systems or devices in your home, they were probably installed by a TSSA-certified technician. Getting a TSSA tech to do your home inspection ensures that all relevant standards are still being met.

Benefits of a TSSA Inspection

So why should you invest in a TSSA inspection? There are three major reasons to do it.

  • Safety. The TSSA’s primary purpose is to keep Ontarians safe. Your TSSA tech will inspect your home’s boiler and natural gas system for problems like gas leaks, overheating, high levels of pressure, and other issues that could become dangerous to the people who live in your home.
  • Compliance. It’s against the law for a technician who is not TSSA-certified to repair a boiler, a natural gas furnace, or any other household system or appliance that falls within the agency’s jurisdiction. Getting an inspection from a certified technician will ensure that you stay on the right side of the law and won’t have any legal troubles with buyers if you decide to sell your house later on.
  • Efficiency. TSSA standards aren’t just for safety – they also make your systems more efficient. Your technician will identify issues like leaks, corroded pipes, and heat sinks that may be causing energy loss within your home. Fixing those problems will not only eliminate potential hazards but also reduce your household’s energy consumption.

Ready for Your Inspection?

If your home has never been inspected by a TSSA tech, now is the time to change that. Contact Syles Mechanical to book a home inspection with one of our certified technicians. We’ll root out any issues with your boiler or natural gas system and give you the peace of mind you deserve.

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