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Why Won’t My A/C Unit Turn On After Winter?

April 19th, 2022

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Picture this: it’s the first really warm day of the year, and even though you’re enjoying it, it eventually gets to be too hot to handle. You turn on the air conditioner in your house and wait for the sweet relief of chilled air. The only problem is that it never comes. Now what?

This scenario happens all the time for many different reasons. Read up on some of the most common reasons why your A/C won’t start after the winter months in our list below.

1. You’ve Blown a Fuse or Tripped a Breaker

Electrical issues like a blown fuse or tripped breaker are the most common cause of A/C issues. These problems often go unnoticed during the long winter when your A/C is not in use. Even if you have a full HVAC system that runs all year, you may have accidentally flipped a circuit breaker off when tuning up your system for the new season. Luckily, both issues are very easy to fix. Simply change the fuse or switch the breaker on to eliminate the problem.

2. Your Filter is Dirty

The next most common cause of A/C problems is a dirty filter. If it’s been a long time since you changed the filter in your HVAC system, there may be so much dirt and dust built up there that the system overheats almost immediately when you switch it on. Most systems will switch off automatically when this happens to prevent irreversible damage.

Check your filter and see what condition it’s in. If it’s anything less than spotless, change it, then try turning your A/C on again.

3. Your Condenser is Clogged or Damaged

The condenser is another point in your HVAC system that is vulnerable to damage over the winter. Debris from surrounding trees and shrubs can get stuck in the mechanisms, and the coils can easily start to rust from contact with snow and ice.

To check for these problems, head outside and inspect your condenser. If possible, have someone in the house turn the A/C on while you’re out there. All the blades on the condenser should move and there shouldn’t be any loud bangs or rattling sounds upon startup.

4. Your Fan is Dying

The fan is an integral part of your HVAC system. If it’s beginning to break down, your A/C will still produce cold air, but that air won’t get circulated through the house.

To figure out if this may be the problem, try turning your A/C on and carefully observing what happens. If you can’t hear the motor running or feel a breeze coming from your HVAC system, your fan may not be working properly. A high-pitched squealing sound is another good indication that the fan is struggling.

Get Your Air Conditioner Fixed by the Pros

Even mild spring temperatures can become uncomfortable without the A/C you depend on. Don’t put up with this longer than you need to. Contact Syles Mechanical at 519-979-2090 today for expert help with your all your A/C problems in Windsor-Essex. Whether you need a round of maintenance after winter or want to put in a whole new system, we’re always ready to help.

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